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Adult School Recruiters

Adult School Recruiters sets the standard for adult school recruiting & growth. We have committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all adult schools to experience an unparalleled growth journey that is socially, personally and financially transformative.

  • 18,917 Students Recruited

  • 237 Employer Partners

  • 298 Courses Offered

  • 87% Job Placement

No Cost Training

No cost training refers to educational programs or courses that are provided free of charge to participants.

These trainings can be a valuable resource for individuals who may not have the financial means to pursue traditional education or professional development opportunities.

Outbound Targeted Recruiting

Online outbound targeted recruiting is a strategy used by companies to identify and attract top talent by proactively reaching out to potential candidates through various digital channels, such as social media or professional networking sites.

This approach allows recruiters to build relationships with individuals who may not have otherwise applied for the position and can result in a more diverse and qualified candidate pool.

Job Placement

Job placement service is a type of employment assistance provided by organizations to help individuals find job opportunities that match their skills and interests.

These services can include job search assistance, resume writing and interview preparation, and connecting job seekers with potential employers.


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Call Us 24/7


Open Hours

Daily 9 am - 5 pm


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